Brand New Collaboration with Kitsune Crew

The Kitsune Crew is a band of merry gamers, here to fill your empty hours with humorous, light-hearted banter and gameplay. With all the lovely members, it's hard to choose a favorite, so tune into all their broadcasts and get to know each and every one! 


Meet Raika, wrangler of the crew! You can watch her twitch stream live just to the right.

"I am a gamer, mainly multi-player games. I have every system and a self-built computer. I am an amateur photographer and video editor, but I’m still going to college to get my degree in both. I love animals and have two dogs myself."


Miss Raven Mogoki, aka Angie.  Another part of the Kitsune Crew, sister to Raika Kasakun.

"I don't stream much but when I do it's usually drawings. I do stream games as well. For the most part though I'm a background character in other peoples streams/games. I'm also a cofounder/chat moderator of the Kitsune Crew."

Raika's co-host, known as Blood. Avid gaming nerd, he clocks plenty of time during your oh so long workweek. Give him a watch, or even better, a follow.